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Established over 30 years ago in Austria, Rex are well-known for their sausage filler machines. Innovation and perfection are leading principles of the Rex manufacturing strategy, so they only produce machines of the best quality.

They continue to develop new machinery for their global clientele; offering efficient, safe and hygienic machines designed to cut down processing time and save money. Their machines are made from top-grade materials and promise to deliver excellent results time after time.

They have diversified over the years within the food processing machine industry to meet the demands of their customers and stay ahead of competition, so we’re sure there’s a sausage filler machine for your needs.

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Rex RVF327 Sausage Filler

Technical Specification

  • Three Phase
  • Max Portioning Speed Approx 350/mi
  • Portioning weight 1-99,999grams
  • Filling Pressure 40bar
  • Hopper Capacity 100Ltr/200lb
  • Weight 450kg

Product Features

  • Minimal Air Pockets in The Final Product and Easy Change of Variety
  • Lowest Maintenance Costs and Energy Consumption
  • Maximum Hopper In-Feed, Even for Cold Emulsion
  • 12“ touch screen control screen
  • Filling made easy with the folding hopper

Rex RVF436 Sausage Filler

Technical Specification

  • Three Phase
  • Max Portioning Speed Approx 1000/min
  • Portioning weight 1-99,999grams
  • Filling Pressure 45bar
  • Hopper Capacity 250tr/500lb
  • Weight 1100kg

Product Features

  • Large rotary vane conveyor system for gentle transport
  • Modern servo drive concept for accurate portioning
  • Lifting/tipping device for 120- and 200-litre standard lifting trucks
  • 12“ touch screen control screen
  • Filling made easy with the folding hopper
Rex RKF130

Rex RKF130 Sausage Filler

Technical Specification

  • Three Phase
  • Cylinder volume 30 litres
  • Time for up-movement of piston 17 sec.
  • Time for down-movement of piston 8 sec.
  • Max. filling pressure 12 bar
  • Portioning speed max. 250 portions/min
  • Weight 400kg

Product Features

  • Piston filling machine for portioning
  • 12“ touch control screen
  • Machine body made completely from stainless steel
  • Low maintenance costs
Rex UFM300-5

Rex UFM300-5 Burger Machine

Technical Specification

  • External Dimensions see diagrams
  • Portions per minute Up to max 150 (depending on size)
  • Burger Sizes 50 to 100mm (fixed) in 10mm increments
  • Conveyor Belt Size 1260 x 320mm
  • Supply Voltage 230V + PE
  • Compressed Air Consumption 2m3h, 6 bar
  • Water Consumption 0.5l/min
  • Net Weight 260kg
  • Other required products Vacuum filler, compressed air

Product Features

  • User Friendly
  • Low Maintenance
  • Water spraying unit
  • Texture Roller available

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