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Based in the UK, J&N Food Equipment are well-known distributors of Kolbe and Thompson commercial mixer grinder machines. These economical machines fulfil the role of two separate machines to both mix and grind meat into fine particles: specially to produce sausages and burgers.

Inside, blunt paddles mix the product both clockwise and anti-clockwise to incorporate meat, flavourings and other additives perfectly. This mixture is then fed into the grinding chamber, past a rotating blade and finally extruded through the mincer plate. With a range of commercial mixer grinder models, we have the best machines for small butchers and large food processors alike.

Industrial Mixer Grinder

Our Kolbe and Thomspon industrial mixer grinder machines are built with quality, reliability and excellent hygiene in mind. With welded seams, there are no sharp corners for old product to get stuck. There are a wide range of sizes available across the two brands, with capacities ranging from 45 litres to 510 litres.

With interlocking lids for maximum safety, you can check the consistency of your product through the viewing grills. Our Thompson commercial mixer grinder machines provide heavy duty kneading on tighter textures for kebabs and similar meat products.

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