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Based in the UK, J&N Food Equipment are leading suppliers of Henkelman Dip Tanks. Perfect for preserving food, the Henkelman Dip Tank uses hot water to shrink excess packaging on meat, fish, vegetables and cheeses. Combined with a vacuum packing machine, the dip tank creates a ‘second skin’ protection layer for your product.

When vacuum packing produce, you’re often left with unsightly excess packaging around the product. With a digital temperature-controlled water bath and automatic hydraulic shelf, the produce is lowered into the hot water and lifted to produce a perfectly shrunken package. Without the extra plastic wrapping, your produce not only looks much more aesthetically pleasing but is much easier to handle in distribution.

Henkelman Dip Tanks

Henkelman are well-known for their high-quality dip tanks; the stainless-steel body and shelf are both durable and hygienic. The hydraulic shelf can withstand 60kg and shrinks packaging in under 5 seconds. The tank has a dipping depth of 220mm and is complete with isolation balls, to protect your product against evaporation. Henkelman dip tanks are fully compliant with CE standards, so you can be assured of the highest safety standards when using this machine. For more information on our dip tanks, complete the short contact form below.

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