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Food Equipment Spiral Mixer

Based in the UK, J&N Food Equipment is a leading spiral mixer supplier. With an industrial spiral mixer, the dough is mixed in two directions (by the rotating spiral hook and the rotating bowl) to achieve optimum ingredient incorporation.

The dual rotation means the mix is much gentler and allows the dough to develop the correct gluten structure. With electronic timers, you can set the right speed for your desired dough consistency. Our range of Mecnosud spiral mixers start from 60kg to 130kg dough capacity, so you can be assured we have a mixer for your business.

Spiral Dough Mixer

Commercial Spiral Mixers are an essential part of any baker or confectioner’s kitchen as they have some of the largest available capacities for mixing – perfect for mixing up batches of dough throughout the day. With chain drive mechanism for robustness, fully adjustable stainless-steel front feet and rear wheels for ease of movement, our spiral mixers keep your food production running smoothly.

When choosing the right spiral mixer for your business, it’s important to remember that using a high-quality machine can be just as important as using high-quality ingredients. Contact us today with the quick form below and we’ll help you find the right mixer for your business.

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