Tray Washers

Food Equipment Tray Washing Machine

J&N Food Equipment Ltd, based in the UK, are well-established suppliers of a range of tray washers. A tray washing machine is crucial for environments where hygienic and efficient cleaning is required, such as supermarkets, factories and food processing plants.

Trays are placed on top of the machine and loaded, individually on a rolling carousel, into the washing chamber. Click nozzles powerfully pump out water to clean the trays, ensuring any dirt is removed, and a rinse cycle removes any residual detergent.

Commercial and Industrial Tray Washer

Elpress are industry leaders in the production of commercial and industrial tray washer machines, and their EKW 1500, EKW 2500, EKW 3500 and EKW 5000 models are no exception. Available in a variety of sizes, there is an Elpress tray washer for everyone.

Made from stainless-steel plates, the EKW models are durable, reliable and hygienic. The machines are economical and energy efficient, turning off the water supply if no trays are detected in the chamber. With an easily accessible emergency stop button, you can rest assured that the machine is safe and easy to use.

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